Digital Menu

Create your own digital food & beverage menu

Do you have a restaurant, cafe or a company for providing food and beverages to your customers? Yes, you are in the right place. Through Qaimatak platform, you can create your digital menu in simple and easy steps.

Why Qaimatak ?

Awesome & Unique Features

Now you can create your digital menu with many features and without any fees

  • Easy to use the dashboard
  • Responsive design compatible with all devices
  • You can choose between multiple templates
  • You can choose the language that you use
  • You can choose the currency that you use
  • You can add calories to your products
  • You can add pictures to all products
  • Easily share the list with your customers

Make it your own

You can easily add the logo, identity colors and also the preferred language.


Your clients can easily search the content of the menu.



QR Code

You can download the QR code directly after creating your menu.

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